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Smart Response to Why You Want to Be a Nurse

Be a Nurse

Why do you want to be a nurse? Becoming a nurse is not just a job or career, it is a call to selfless service to humanity. On the other hand, you are saying “I want to help people and make their lives better. I really care about giving support and comfort to those who need it.

Nursing is a way to connect science with taking care of people. It is like being a reliable friend when someone is going through a tough time. I want to be a nurse because it matches my values and my dream of making the world a better place. The things you may likely say.

However, during a nursing interview, your interviewer may ask, “Why do you want to be a nurse?” Well, this guide offers answers to this important question, because, interview questions play a big role in choosing good nurses for the job. Keep reading!

Why do Interviewers Ask Why You Want to Be a Nurse

Nursing is a job where you help people, even when things get tough. Answering this question will show your skills, your passion for nursing, and your ability to stay calm even when it is stressful and uncomfortable.

Therefore, before your interview, you can get ready to answer this question in a few ways. Also, writing down your thoughts will be helpful, but do not memorize them word-for-word.

This way, your answer will sound real, and you will not feel like you have to stick to a script.

Nursing is a wonderful job with lots of choices, but it has its own peculiar challenges. It is not a job to treat lightly or with levity. That is why the interviewer wants to see your level of commitment to this job.

Therefore, when an interviewer asks why you chose nursing, they want to know what drives you personally. They also want to check how excited you are about this field and whether your reasons for entering it are real and genuine.

How to Answer, “Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?”

When responding to this interview question, it’s essential to be honest and make a good impression on the interviewer.

Even though nursing offers good pay and opportunities, it is a very challenging career, and if you cannot show a deeper passion for the job, it might be a barrier in the long run. Your genuine interest is what will help you through those tough moments.

In any case, do the following:

Be sincere

Do not try to exaggerate your answers or create something fake just to impress interviewers. Instead, take out some time to think about your core values and why you were inspired to choose a nursing career. Be very true to yourself in your response.

If you are not sure of what to say, then consider the following questions:

  • What drew me to nursing as a profession?
  • What does nursing have to do with my abilities, values, or motivations?
  • As a nurse, what do I want to accomplish?
  •  What about nursing excites, delights, or fulfills me?

Start from the outset

Start from when you were little if you have always wanted to be a nurse since you were a child. Make it your starting point if you got into medicine because of an influential college professor.

However, you do not have to go too far back in time, but you also do not need to start right from the very beginning. While not everyone can point to a single event, think about what motivated you to choose nursing as a career path.

It is important to share a story, especially when discussing a personal topic like this. In this situation, most interviewers prefer hearing narratives over you just listing facts.

You do not have to invent a believable story about a nurse saving the day when you were a child. Instead, share any real-life examples that showed you nursing was the right path for you.

Share Your Story

When you share a personal story about why you want to be a nurse, it gives your employers a clearer view into your personal values. Sharing these stories also makes you stand out from other candidates because your background is unique, and no one else has the same experiences as you.

Let’s say for example, your decision to become a nurse is because someone close to you, like a friend or family member, was sick. Maybe the nurses who cared for them during their hospital stay gave you so much inspiration to pursue a career in nursing.

This question encourages you to uncover and describe motivating factors in your own life, regardless of why you want to be a nurse. A personal narrative can hardly ever be forgotten.

Discuss your experiences

Nursing is all about building connections with the people you help and work with, so your answer should show empathy and an ability to connect with them.

Your response should convey your love for the nursing process, demonstrating that you want to be a nurse because you value it. You can answer this question in different ways depending on your experiences and interests.

Maybe you always had a strong passion for helping specific groups of people, like the elderly or children. Probably, you worked with these individuals before, be sure to mention it in your response. Sharing your experience will give the interviewer more information and add value to your answers.

Tips on how to Answer Why do you want to be a Nurse?

Trust me when I say there are ways you can answer this without feeling you were wrong. Now if you go through these simple and easy tips, you will not regret what you just read.

  • Keep the Job Description in Mind
  •  Draw on Your Experiences
  • Stay Optimistic
  • Be Brief
  • Rehearse Your Response 
  •  Study the Company


The choice to become a registered nurse not only gives you personal satisfaction but also a host of professionally rewarding benefits.

The role of nursing is consistently applauded as one of the most fulfilling occupations available, and this reputation is well-deserved.

However, beyond the intrinsic rewards of making a positive impact on the lives of others, the advantages of being a nurse extend to job security, global employment opportunities, continuous professional development, adaptability in work settings, and a diverse range of experiences.

Therefore, when choosing nursing as a profession, you do not only find a source of personal fulfillment but also open doors to a future full of possibilities and the chance to make a lasting difference in the world of healthcare.

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Smart Response to Why You Want to Be a Nurse
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