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5 Top Profitable Business Opportunities You Can Start With Small Capital in Nigeria


Starting a business with small amount of money is a big feat for some Nigerians, due to the prevalent economic crisis they have to face daily.

In this post, I will expose you to 5 top profitable businesses you can start with a very small capital base in this article.

This article offers solutions and ideas for you who is in search of opportunities.

It will help you to enhance your financial resources, realize your aspirations, and break free from financial constraints.

Below are a few businesses you can do with little capital in Nigeria.

Mobile Food Vendors or Street Food Seller Business

Food is a major need for every human as it is a daily necessity. Starting this business does not require a lot of money, it is more about your cooking skills and talent.

When you start a mobile food vendor business, the key is to use your cooking abilities to make money from what you enjoy doing.

Moreover, it is gives quick money because Nigerians are looking for cheaper ways of feeding.

It also gives you an edge over bigger restaurants, cafes, other mobile food vendors, or sellers of comfort food who are looking for customers.

Yet, to retain your customers and ensure they stay consistent in patronage, it is important to always prepare very tasty meals that are enjoyable, and very affordable.

You can start this business with just N50,000 and make profit that is more over time.

Online Advertising Business Firms

Currently, using online advertisements is a popular way to earn money through social media.

If you are looking to enhance your business and boost sales like never before, make good use of the social media.

It allows you to connect with new buyers online, promote your products or services, and save both time and money.

Online advert on social media is the most profitable and quickest means of making money in recent times.

However, having an internet advertising agency enables you to reach potential clients and swiftly earn money. All you need is a mobile phone with good network reception and data.

Exportation Business

Exportation of goods is a very good way to make money. You do not need money, all you have to do is source for the goods and send them in return for money.

The receiver will pay for both goods and the waybill or delivery. You just have to add your profit to it.

Furthermore, getting goods from home countries is difficult for many people. While some other persons think that Nigeria does not have many goods or products to export, which is not true.

Shipping materials play a very important role in Africa’s foreign trade. The exportation of raw goods like cocoa, green vegetables, vegetable oil, yam, cassava, palm oil, and crude oil is valuable.

These commodities are in high demand outside the country’s borders. Therefore if you can send them abroad for a fee, you can make money from it.

Cleaning Services/ House Keeping Services

Whether or not you have an experience in cleaning, you can offer cleaning services as a business.

Cleaning apartments or offices for a daily wage does not require any special skill. The only thing you need to do is to get people who will help you as staff and when you get your pay you in turn pay them.

You also have to buy basic cleaning tools, like brooms, brushes and dusters which are very affordable and you are on you way to creating a fortune for yourself.

Data Reselling Business

For someone who is trying to start a business, you can resell data. This is in high demand as people always want to keep tab on events and happenings as they unfold.

A data reseller is someone who buys data in bulk from Virtual Top-Up (VTU) platforms and telecom companies such as MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel at a lower cost and then sells it to customers at their chosen price.


In the world of business, things are always changing. These five opportunities above show clearly that with little capital base, you can create a niche for yourself in the business world.

Nigeria is doing well in different areas, and these small-capital businesses prove creativity, determination, and smart choices can really work.

Whether it is the digital world, food, or importing services, the main point is that if you have the right attitude and plan, as a new business owner, you can take advantage of these chances and create successful businesses from scratch. Good luck!

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5 Top Profitable Business Opportunities You Can Start With Small Capital in Nigeria
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